The iO Census 2014


I’d like to ask for your help.

One of the biggest challenges of any professional body is getting a real understanding of what members of the profession want, and need, and aspire to.  In my experience of working across different professions, very often actual knowledge about the community of professionals is limited, and often asked in little bitesize surveys which reveal only a limited insight into specific issues.

The iO would like to know about the real person under the membership or regulator’s registration number.  How you became an osteopath, what your daily work life is like; what challenges you faced as a freshly qualified, what future ambitions you have – are all questions that we’d love to know more about, and which will allow us to develop a real understanding of what we need to do to support the osteopathic profession.

So sometime very shortly we, and other members of the Osteopathic Development Group (ODG), will be sending you an invitation to the iO Census – a very long questionnaire that we would greatly appreciate you going through.  Please participate – your help will be invaluable in helping to design future development programmes.



We’re very conscious that we may be asking some sensitive questions, which is why the whole iO Census programme is being managed by GfK NOP, one of the UK’s largest market research firms, who will ensure that no answers from any individual respondent will be identifiable, even to us.  This confidentiality extends even where (if you wish to enter the prize draw, or would like to be involved in further research) you have left contact details – GfK NOP will not be passing these to us or any other organisation unless you have specifically allowed this.


Where the questions came from

The questionnaire was compiled with input from both the iO and from the project managers across the ODG programme, so this information will be used to contribute to the broad sweep of osteopathic development interests.


How this information will be used

We will be using the survey results to inform the ODG and iO development projects, and will be publishing summaries of the key findings in Osteopathy Today and on the iO website.

The Census will take around half an hour, so make sure you are well armed with a cup of tea and several biscuits, but please do help us to help you by tackling the questions as openly as I know osteopaths can.  And please enjoy it!

With best regards

Maurice Cheng
Chief Executive
The Institute of Osteopathy


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