British Osteopathic Association

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You are eligible to join the BOA if you are:
  • a registered osteopath
  • a student at a UK osteopathic educational institute
  • studying or practising osteopathy outside the UK training or have trained at a recognized institute
Annual membership fees:
Student                                  £55
1st Year Graduate                £78
2nd Year Graduate              £130
3rd Year Graduate               £185
4th Year Graduate               £207
Full                                         £240
Overseas                              £163
If you are an overseas student, first or second  year graduate, check the appropriate radio button and not the overseas button to get the cheaper rate.

Please contact the BOA office if:
  • you would like to pay by monthly direct debit (UK bank account holders only)
  •  you would like to join the BOA UK osteopaths professional indemnity insurance block scheme (which can also be paid by monthly direct debit - £13 per month for first year graduates, £20 per month for all other categories or by cheque or credit card in one or more instalments)
  • If you are a student and would also like insurance for soft tissue massage work outside college (£7 per month also payable by cheque or credit card in one or more instalments) 

Please note: There are no interest or arrangement charges for instalment, direct debit or standing order payments



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