Patient Testimonials

Tina Hatton

Anne Baker

“I had been suffering with knee pain for 6 months before I visited the osteopath. It had started for no apparent reason and wasn’t getting any better. I’m very keen on sport, especially running, but the condition was so debilitating that even walking up stairs was now painful, which I found very frustrating.

The treatment and advice that I received from the osteopath really helped and I was back to running normally within a few weeks.

I feel that osteopathy really got to the cause of the problem; an issue that I might still have now if I hadn’t consulted him when I did.”

Mark Hunt

“Though I had had some back pain on and off for 20 years or so, I became concerned when the symptoms suddenly changed for no reason, got a lot worse and began spreading down my leg. Within four months it had become quite disabling, and I began to get unsteady on my feet so that even walking for a few meters without assistance became very difficult.

My doctor eventually organised a scan of my lower back and prescribed painkillers that didn’t work, but when the MRI came back clear, it seemed that I would just have to manage my pain. That’s when I decided to consult an osteopath.

After a thorough examination of my whole body including neurological testing, he explained to me that the pain was in fact coming from my upper back, which is why the scan had come back normal. He took the time to reassure me, discussing the diagnosis as well as the most appropriate treatment options available to me in order to take things forwards. Pretty soon I was back to my normal activities and can now walk for hours again without difficulty.”

Katy Barlow

“I had a sore shoulder that became very painful after I sailed at the weekends. I am allergic to aspirin and do not like taking pain killers and so a friend recommended that I see an osteopath. After an examination from an osteopath it was revealed that the shoulder pain was coming from misuse in the way I moved it but also from the stress and strain of my lifestyle.

I really like that osteopathy takes a holistic lifestyle approach, as now with some changes to my day to day activities, performing some exercises that the osteopath prescribed and changing the way I use my shoulder, there is no pain.”

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