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Osteopaths to join with Allied Health Professions in NHS Transformation

The Institute of Osteopathy is delighted to announce that the iO will be working with Suzanne Rastrick, the Chief Allied Health Professions Officer of NHS England, to strengthen the engagement of osteopaths with other health professionals, in the transformation of service delivery to improve patient outcomes. AHPs form the third largest workforce in the health and care system, and from 1 April 2017, osteopaths will join twelve other autonomous health professions that Suzanne Rastrick represents, whose roles are increasingly seen as key to transforming health care and wellbeing, and increasing capacity across the health and care system.  ‘AHPs into Action’… Read more ›

Institute of Osteopathy officially accepts stewardship of the Osteopathic Foundation

Following a formal signing at the Royal Society of Medicine on 31st January 2017, the Institute of Osteopathy is delighted to announce that they have now officially accepted stewardship of the Osteopathic Education Foundation.  The charitable trust, renamed by the institute as the Osteopathic Foundation, will continue to use its resources to fund research, support education and further the advancement of osteopathy for the benefit of public health. The former Osteopathic Education Foundation was founded in 1947 to financially assist in osteopathic education and research. Since the introduction of its loan scheme in 2001, the foundation has provided financial assistance… Read more ›

New community clinic seeks mentors and mentees

The Centre for Osteopathic Research & Excellence (CORE) is approaching an exciting new phase in the development of their new community clinic. Renovations are underway on the newly leased premises in Clapton, East London. In anticipation of its opening the centre is now seeking enthusiastic osteopaths as mentors, and to be mentored, at their new research clinic. Duncan Webster and Danny Orchard, directors of CORE, have raised nearly £200,000 to fund the new clinic which aims to provide a centre for good quality research, support for graduates and access to osteopathic treatment for those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to… Read more ›

Cloudy with a chance of pain

People have long claimed that the weather affects the pain experienced from conditions such as arthritis, and there is plenty of anecdotal evidence of people predicting changes in the weather based on sensation in their joints. Research led by the University of Manchester is using new technology to put this ancient wisdom to the test. Launched in January 2016, for the first time researchers are using a smartphone app to collect data and investigate the connection between chronic pain and the weather. ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Pain’ research project involves over 9,000 participants. They were asked to record their… Read more ›

Osteopathic Educational Foundation announces iO as steward

At the iO convention last November, Miles Preston, Chairman of the Osteopathic Educational Foundation (OEF) announced the intention of the Foundation to apply to the Charity Commission for the Institute of Osteopathy to become come the sole corporate trustee of the OEF. The OEF is a charitable trust dedicated to advancing the profession of osteopathy through research and education, for the benefit of the public. The OEF has, over the last 69 years, been a cornerstone of osteopathic education, starting as the charitable arm of the BSO before becoming independent in the 1980s. It has supported many hundreds of students… Read more ›

How to avoid back pain while driving

The Daily Telegraph have written an interesting article on how to avoid back pain while driving. It contains useful information on finding a good seating position and includes a quotation from our President, Robin Lansman. Please click here to read the article.


We have been contacted by several members about a letter received from AXA PPP advising on changes to their contract.