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Use the form below to search for Osteopaths by name (includes clinic names), or by town or postcode (of the clinic). If you want to search for an osteopath in your local area, enter the first half of your postcode in the box below. The town searches from the start of the town name (e.g. ‘Edmunds’ will not work, but  ‘Bury’ will find Bury St. Edmunds).


Mastroddi Osteopathy

station passage south woodford E18 1JU


Santi London

33 Thurloe Street, London SW7 2LQ, United Kingdom


Rupinder Chaggar Osteopath

London NW11 0AS, UK


Nadia Arshad Associates

10A Station Parade, London NW2 4NH, United Kingdom


The Westbourne Osteopathic And Wellness Clinic

15 Westbourne Rd, Emsworth PO10 7SU, UK


Notley Osteopaths

Great Notley CM77 7WW, United Kingdom


Jiva Health

19A Wimbledon Bridge, London SW19 7NH, United Kingdom


Pain Management Service, NHS

Marfleet Health Centre, Hull, Kingston upon Hull HU9 5HH, UK


Consett Osteopath, Derwent Osteopathy

25 Derwent St, Consett, County Durham DH8 8LR, UK


White Hart Clinic

10 White Hart Lane Barnes London SW13 0PY


The information in this section of our website has been provided by the osteopaths listed. The Institute of Osteopathy cannot be held liable for inaccuracies. Please contact the osteopath directly or visit their website, if available, to ensure that you have the most up to date information about their practice.