British Osteopathic Association

Professional Indemnity, Personal Accident and HMRC Tax Investigation Insurance

BOA Block Professional Indemnity Insurance Scheme for Registered Osteopaths – designed by osteopaths for osteopaths with  £10 million professional indemnity cover and £25,000 personal accident cover

The BOA’s insurance scheme has for many years set the standard which has to a great extent enabled a competitive market to flourish. As a result, osteopaths have benefitted with a stable cost and ever-increasing scope of cover.

The BOA’s block professional indemnity scheme:

• Is underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance (RSA), a company which has over 30 years’ experience of writing osteopathic policies and understands osteopaths and osteopathy as a profession

• Is managed by its broker, Lockton, which is involved in primary healthcare through NHS Trusts, private hospitals, and with affinity organisations in dentistry, care facility providers, and GPs. Lockton’s staff have been involved with the BOA since 2003 and handled insurance for complementary medicine for 25 years

• Is sustainable because premiums collected over the past five years of the scheme can cushion the effect of any large claims without affecting the premium

• Allows insurers to communicate risk management strategies to maintain the low risk profile of the scheme

• If you are unfortunate enough to suffer a claim or complaint the BOA works to support members in partnership with our brokers and insurers who have a proven track record in handling osteopathic claims and will aim to ensure that an outcome is reached which is satisfactory to all parties.

• Is competitively priced due to the collective bargaining power of its members with concessions given to first year graduates. 

.  Includes personal accident and HMRC tax investigation cover

The BOA firmly believes in quality, professionalism and ability to respond when you need us. We know the experience and long term stability of our providers allows us to deliver this and give you the service that you deserve. 

For more information including fees and to join the scheme, call the BOA office on 01582 488455 or email
We offer a substantial discount for new graduates. 

Please note:
• There are no interest or administration charges added to monthly direct debits or other payments by instalment
• Payments can also be made in one or more instalments by cheque or credit card; the amount will depend on the month cover starts
• Monthly payments can be cancelled with one month’s notice should your circumstances change

To arrange cover, please go to the members' section and complete the declaration. If you would like to pay by monthly direct debit , please telephone the office on  01582 488455 to set this up.

If you are not already a BOA member, please click here for subscription details and to pay for one year’s membership. If you would like to pay membership and insurance in one monthly payment by direct debit, phone the office on 01582 488455 .


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